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Oil Spill Project

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What do you have to say about the oil spill based on what you have learned in school, experienced in your community, and researched here in this wiki?



  • Watch provided videos and do research with your group.
  • Choose an issue or idea about the spill that concerns your group. 
  • Create a glog and compile your supporting evidence/ research about your topic.
  • Write, direct, and produce a video in "news reporting" style to illustrate your concerns and possible solutions. 


Final Video Project Rubric 

Final Video Project Rubric (97-2003 version)


Step One: (Research Begins) 


Watch the following videos as a starting point for your project. Make note of the things that "stuck out" or concern you. You will be meeting in your group to discuss your impressions.












Step Two: (Focus on a Topic)


Guideing Questions:

What are your concerns? Based on what you know as a student and a community member, what would you like more information about? What can you do to effect change or offer as a possible solution?


Meet in your group and discuss the the Guiding Questions.Decide on a plan of attack. Make an outline of what you need to find outand where you can get the information. Begin gathering data. Know that you will want to collect your links, notes, and media on this wiki and will organize your best resources into a glogster for presentation to the group.


Step Three: (Create Your Glog)


Meet with your group and decide which resources would have the most impact and illustrate your main topic. Organize these sources in a glog to respresent your groups point.


You may use:

links to URLs







(Caution: with the free version of Glogster you cannot link documents)


Post your glog to your group wiki page.


Step 4: (Create a storyboard and a script for your video)



News Caster Moderation (NewsMaker Software)

"In the field" interview video (Flip Camera)

Edit Flip Camera video in Movie Maker if needed



News Person (Moderator) - Giving overview and facilitating the story

Interviewer - Doing the interviews "in the field"

Oil Executive - Argues the Oil Companies viewpoint

Shrimper - Argues the workers viewpoint

Young Person - Gives impressions from the "group's" viewpoint and offers solution


You will design and write a video story (using story board doc below) and a script for each of the roles above using the information you have researched. You will need a story board and a loose script for each event or person. Remember you are taking the perspective of each different role and how a person in that role would respond to your topic. Keep it short, clear, and focused. You may use costumes as long as they are appropriate and not extreme. You must get approval from the teacher before filming begins.




Step Five: (Filming Begins)


How to create "killer" video review: video.pptx



News Person = News Maker Software


Oil Executive, Shrimper, Young Person - Filmed with Flip Camera (Remember the Rule of Thirds and watch your lighting.)


Interviewer - Behind the Camera



Pull you video together into a finished product. Turn it into to the teacher for approval. Once they are approved the  teacher will post them to the wiki.


Pre Recorded Video Examples:

Oil Executive - BP_executive_WMV V9.wmv

Fisherman - fisherman_WMV V9.wmv

Wrap Up/Reflection:


We will watch each of the videos as a class. Please reflect on the information and post comments on each pertaining to the quality of the information, the presentation, and if you have any further suggestions to help them implement their solution. Remember, to coach your words in a positive, supportive manner.


Peer Evaluation Grades 2-4


Peer Evaluation Grades 5-12





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